Sunday 31 January 2016

The Raveonettes - This World Is Empty (Without You)

Article by KevW

One of the charges levelled against Denmark's finest is that their music can bit a bit samey. It's not a criticism I'd particularly go along with, as every album has been different, perhaps most notable the technicolour pop blast of 'Pretty In Black'. That album did contain themes that have been fairly consistent in The Raveonettes' music though, and new single 'The World Is Empty (Without You)' fits in with their canon of work in that respect, but there is a change musically, and perhaps one that was hinted at with the more experimental sound of last album 'Pe'ahi'.

This year will see the pair release a new track each month as part of their 'RAVE-SOUND-OF-THE-MONTH' series, and each song is designed to be individual and separate from the others rather than part of an album (the term they're using is "anti-album"). January's offering sees a marked change sonically, with more of an '80s feel and, notably, a lack of guitars, as they state that they simply didn't work on this track. Instead we get retro synths and electronic beats to back the sultry vocals. It's an approach that works surprisingly well, and despite the different production style it's still unmistakably The Raveonettes. An energetic, pulsating dark pop song about despair and loss, 'This World Is Empty (Without You)' will satiate the appetite of existing fans, and maybe prove to a few doubters that these guys aren't as one-dimensional as they might think.


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