Sunday 10 January 2016

Jaromil Sabor - III

Article by Yvonne McDonnell

It takes a particular competency to create a record like this and I think Jaromil Sabor definitely possesses the qualities to pull it off. The makeshift sound of the recordings add to the retro feel, giving the music a warm sense of nostalgia. It has an obvious punk appeal with catchy rebellion attached to the songs, reminiscent of classics from the '60s and '70s. I found this most obvious in 'Becky Was a Carrion Siren'. 

But despite this, it isn't at all a typical concoction; the vocals are strong enough and musicianship accomplished enough to ease you through the album. Each song is well structured with some bizarre elements, and that puts them a level above many bands attempting to emulate bygone eras. The songs are varied and this keeps the record interesting throughout. For example, the fourth track, 'Story of Lisa', demonstrated the band's ability to rely purely on a wistful melody and this was immediately followed by a heavier track 'What I'm Saying'. 

The record wraps up with the brilliant 'Oracle Stone', which combines strange lyrics with beautiful instrumental elements to create a sinister combination that does not lack appeal. This album kept growing on me throughout and makes for a very enjoyable listen.

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