Thursday 14 January 2016

The Dandy Warhols - You Are Killing Me

Article by Ray Brodrick

Where have The Dandy Warhols been since 2012? Well, they spent 2015 writing new music and closed out the year with a sold-out tour of the West Coast and South, including three nights at the Telegram Ballroom in LA, and now they're back with 'You Are Killing Me', a jaunty, grungy pop song in their inimitable style. Chugging guitars reminiscent of The Cars underpin Taylor-Taylor's vocoded vocal, with lavish backing harmonies in the upper keys supported by what sounds like an '80/'90s synth hook, which makes me think of Britpop bands like Elastica and Pulp, but with Zia MaCabe's stoner laid-back style applied.

Now they have signed to independent label Dine Alone Records, we can all hope for more from them like this tune, where they seem more relaxed and able to do what they want without the big label pressure to release a hit. I've already got 'You Are Killing Me' bouncing round my brain after only a few listens, maybe this could be big, as stranger things have happened, and I'm certainly looking forward to the LP.

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