Monday 4 January 2016

Get Me Free #139: Forest & Dove - Burning Blue

Article by KevW

Hailing from A Coruña in Spain, Forest & Dove are a new alt-rock trio consisting of Richard J. Dowling on vocals and guitar, Oscar Caramés on drums and JJ Casteliro on bass. They perplexing and brilliantly describe themselves as sounding "like a grizzled Volkswagen Beetle looking for redemption". If you can paint a picture of their music from that, or even barely understand what they're trying to say, then you have a better imagination than we do. Free single 'Burning Blue' is taken from their debut EP 'Pleasure To Burn'.

On the off-chance that a more straightforward description of this song is required, we can say that there's a heavy post-punk influence, a good bit of garage-rock, with just a pinch of shoegaze. 'Burning Blue' is quite a dark song with the vocals slightly softened and placed in the centre of the mix, which gives every separate part of this song the same amount of attention. It actually sounds slightly like Bootstrap at times which is never a bad thing. If knackered German cars was enough for you to gather any of that, then we salute you, but either way, Forest & Dove are a great new band help get your year started.

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