Friday 1 January 2016

My Gold Mask - Connect

Article by KevW

There are always a huge amount of new albums on the horizon by artists we like, but this time of year there generally seems to be more, as alternative bands wait for the festive dust to settle and spring out of hibernation for the new year. Chicago's My Gold Mask have announced that their latest LP 'Anxious Utopia' will be released on March 4th on Moon Sounds Records, and given their previous form of experimenting with a range of electronic rock and pop styles, they might keep us guessing as to what the record will sound like.

Last time we featured them, they delivered the high energy, industrial electro-pop of 'Battles' which incorporated a little darkwave with a strong vocal and melody, contrasting light and shade nicely. Current single 'Connect' does similar, but in a different way. Once more there's an industrial edge and a rock element, but a hooky pop melody gives this a big lift that makes it instantly memorable. Vocally this is powerful and sharp, suggesting a hunger and determination that runs throughout the track. Tempos and effects may vary, but we can almost certainly expect 'Anxious Utopia' to be the sound of three people giving it all they've got.

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