Tuesday 5 January 2016

The Castillians - Piggy In The Middle

Article by KevW

With bands' early recordings you often get a sound that's not quite as polished and stadium-ready as they may go on to become once the cash starts rolling in and they get a taste of success. You could call it selling out, you could say it's simply the artists getting the chance to create the fully-realised music that limited equipment and budgets wouldn't allow them to when they were starting out. Another thing that can come across is hunger, and that's one of the leading factors as to why so many groups' debut albums contain their best material.

We first stumbled upon Birmingham's The Castillians back in 2011 with the single 'I Don't Wanna Kiss You Girl', and it's incredibly pleasing to see that the hunger and the raw energy is still as palpable now as it was then. Second album 'You & Me' is out on February 12th, and current single 'Piggy In The Middle' is a scuffed garage clatter that's champing at the bit, taking ragged '60s recordings and adding the vibrancy of punk to give us a tune that won't sit still. Brass squeaks and squalls behind the scuzzy riffs and tinny vocals and it sounds as though the studio was barely capable of containing the delightful racket they were making. This goes to how that sticking to your guns can yield better results than misguided forays into the mainstream.

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