Monday 4 January 2016

Fat White Family - Whitest Boy On The Beach

Article by KevW

Throughout the world of indie/alternative/whatever you want to call it music, Fat White Family seem to be universally loved, and that's somewhat surprising given that they like to deal with the noisier side of things. Their debut album, 'Champagne Holocaust', nonetheless got the press foaming at the mouth, so anticipation for the follow-up is pretty high. Titled 'Songs For Our Mothers', the group's second LP will be released on January 22nd and is preceded by new single 'The Whitest Boy On The Beach'.

The track features their trademark mixture of noise-rock, vintage electronic sounds (Suicide spring to mind again) and more conventional alt-rock, all with their own experimental slant added to the equation. 'The Whitest Boy On The Beach' is actually less likely to annoy you mum (or theirs, maybe that's how the album got its name...) than some previous tracks, but it's hardy Coldplay. Fat White Family are still innovating and creating a dark, warped world, but they appear to be a little more streamlined (and occasionally grandiose) on this one. It's a great indication that second album syndrome has politely been told to do one.

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