Friday 22 January 2016

Public Memory - Ringleader

Article by KevW

Robert Toher was previously in the group ERAAS, nut is now making music under the guise of Public Memory. Although based in Brooklyn, he recorded his debut album while spending a year living in LA, and 'Ringleader' is the second track to be taken from it. Due out on March 18th, 'Wuthering Drum' looks set to be an album that transcends several styles and potentially become a hit with fans of a variety of alternative music styles, especially those with a penchant for less summery and more experimental sounds.

'Ringleader' could be described many ways, as it takes a trip-hop blueprint and brings in cold-wave stylings and spooky affected vocals. The buzzing electronics that hover ominously in the background prevent the track from being to minimal, adding to a fuller sound. There's a certain dystopian feel, and an aura that feels lonely in a surreal kind of way. The big beats incessantly underpin the whole thing and seem designed to rattle the most powerful speakers you can find. It's a heady brew for sure, but an also a very intriguing one.

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