Monday 18 January 2016

Get Me Free #151: Julia Meijer - England

Article by KevW

There's been talk this week about England having a different national anthem for events such as sports fixtures, and the usual suspects like 'Jerusalem' and 'Land of Hope and Glory' have been mentioned, but Julia Meijer has written her own ode to the English countryside. To be honest, however hard we tried, there would be no way we could convince those who have the final say to pick this as a replacement for 'God Save The Queen', but it's not intended to be a patriotic anthem sung by rowdy crowds, it's too subtle, intricate and atmospheric for that.

Julia Meijer is actually from Sweden but moved to England three years ago, and this song is one half of her debut double A-side single along with 'Ocean'. Interestingly, the lyrics to 'Ocean' are taken from a poem by Icelandic poet Steinn Steinarr, but here are intended to give an impression of the landscapes of Sweden, so Meijer is essentially dedicating the release to both countries. These are tender songs that bring the voice to the fore but also contain careful arrangements and production that's crystal clear. Ambient and folky alt-pop done this way can be quite stirring, and Meijer seems to be doing it as well as anyone.

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