Monday 25 January 2016

Get Me Free #158: Crow's Feet - Alarm Clock Bones

Article by KevW

The idea behind Lewis Tollan's Crow's Feet project is to make sure that each song is different, and what's created will depend on those he's collaborating with at the time. With just one song online so far, judging the success of that plan is impossible but, boy, what a song it is. For debut release 'Alarm Clock Blues' the multi-instrumentalist brings in a string section and the vocals are provided by Callum Stewart of noise-rock band The Clock, but the end product is slow and majestic rather than filled with loud guitars or feedback.

Simple chords are the base on which a gloriously swelling track is built. Those vocals introduce a power almost instantly and that alone is enough to make you sit up and listen, but as this steady and slow number builds it becomes even more impressive. The strings add a stately and expansive sound that seems to give extra potency to the pained lyrics and voice, although deciphering exactly what the subject matter is isn't easy. As debut singles go, this is one of the strongest we've heard for a while, and if this standard is maintained then we're in for some amazing music.

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