Monday 11 January 2016

Get Me Free #144: Prints Jackson - Paris Pines

Article by KevW

The latest edition of Prints Jackson's one-song-a-month series sees him marking a year since the Charlie Hebdo shootings in Paris, as well as the shocking attacks late last year. It's tempting to simply post the entire lyrics to the song, because they're particularly thoughtful and quite poignant, but you can find them printed on Bandcamp. Of the song, Prints Jackson says "It's tough to make sense of it all without sounding like a peace-cowering lefty or a war-mongering righty", and this is also a fitting statement given the differing opinions about what should/could be done to prevent such horrible events.

Musically, 'Paris Pines' begins with a maudlin piano which allows the vocals to stand at the front and get their message across. This moves through to become almost angry and desperate, before the electronic touches suddenly give way to a fiery guitar solo and thumping drums, changing the track from being slightly experimental to more classic rock for a few moments. Regardless of subject matter, this is another welcome addition to the collection, and you can't help but think that, while it may be great to be given free music so regularly, Prints Jackson's talent is being slightly wasted and that he should record and promote a full album. But we can't really complain...

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