Wednesday 13 January 2016

Get Me Free #146: Broken Gold - Turning Blue

Article by KevW

By the sounds of things, Broken Gold were a band born out of necessity. Frontman Ian MacDougall joined Austin's The Riverboat Gamblers straight from high school, so had essentially committed himself to music: there was no "Plan B". A serious car accident in 2009 meant that he had to spend a year recuperating, and it was unclear whether he'd even be able to continue playing. It's a testament to his strength and determination that he then threw himself into Broken Gold and shrugged off any notions that his career might be over.

Current EP 'Turning Blue' feels like the work of a group who are hungry to give everything they've got, and the title-track exemplifies this. Taking classic American indie-rock as a blueprint, 'Turning Blue' is loaded with guitars that recall Bob Mould, and the songs could have come from the '90s alt-rock scene, but there's also the feel of blue-collar rock that more recent bands such as The Gaslight Anthem or The Hold Steady have become masters of. Essentially, if Bruce Springsteen and Dinosaur Jr. had musical babies, then they'd probably sound like this. A wonderful example of triumph over adversity.

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