Monday 4 January 2016

Odd Nosdam - T r i s h

Article by KevW

It doesn't feel as though five years have gone since we heard the tragic news that Trish Keenan from Broadcast had passed away. There were many tributes at the time and it felt as though a vast section of the music world, from indie kids to electronic producers to soundscape pioneers, all came together in respect of someone whose music was so universally loved. There were musical tributes too, with one of our favourites being Simian Ghost's 'Echoes Of Songs'. Producer Odd Nosdam (formerly of cLOUDDEAD) first released his EP 'T r i s h' in late 2013 as a long sold-out cassette, but it's being given a vinyl reissue to mark the fifth anniversary of her death.

Having turned his hand to everything from drones to hip-hop, Odd Nosdam can tackle many styles, but on 'T r i s h' he delves into the ethereal world of electronic dreampop and stirs in some atmospheric noise-rock while he's at it, crafting an ambient, almost choral piece that is oddly reminiscent of some Broadcast tracks. Through the scree of buzzing electronics, a soft, distant vocal shines through like a light in the mist, and an organ stands stately behind it all. Booming bass and warped tape sounds permeate the air and the resulting soup is haunting, experimental and surprisingly poignant. It's great that this is being given the chance to reach more people.

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