Monday 18 January 2016

Episode - Swim

Article by KevW

After forming in 2014, Episode released an EP, 'Hold On', last year, but they've undergone a few changes since then. Rather than using sample-based production and featured performers, the New York quartet have gone back to basics and taken a more conventional approach using their talents as musicians and performers. This is evident in new single, the self-produced 'Swim', although it bypasses tradition a little and doesn't opt for the classic sounds of '60s and '70s rock bands, instead choosing a more modern alt-rock approach that takes in a little funk along the way.

The idea behind 'Swim' is an interesting one, as the song was inspired by an experience singer Daniel Lonner had as a child when he almost drowned. It might seem odd that such a harrowing incident can be compared to love, but Lonner explains that he felt the same pressure in his chest years later from a relationship. "Sometimes <3 can feel like drowning." If you think about it, both are overwhelming, potentially life-changing sensations. The overall sound is that of a mid-point found between The Strokes and Red Hot Chili Peppers, but thankfully without the annoying bravado and slap-bass noodling of the latter. With two incredibly successful bands as comparisons, the future could be very bright for Episode.

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