Sunday 17 January 2016

The Magic Es - We Are Magic EP

Article by Ray Brodrick

Next up we have a Norwich band, The Magic Es, with their latest EP 'We Are Magic', which kicks off with the song 'Headrush' which is typical Brit-rock: a solid rhythm section pounding away with a great guitar melody/hook that worms its way around in your head. I like the way the tune opens up in the chorus with a fine guitar riff leading into a Who-style middle eight break down from the keyboards, going into another one with the drummer filling in just before the outro. Next is 'Running Through', another stomper that chugs along reminding me of some of the old Creation bands like Teenage Fanclub and a bit of Neal Young which could just be the vocals. The guitarist certainly knows how to write a hooky melody which is probably why Rick Witter (Shed Seven) has taken a liking to them. This song gets to you the more you play it.

'Melody Jane' reminds me of The Wedding Present as it has power and another catchy melody, there a definite new-wave vibe to this one and it's unmistakably British which is why they have been playlisted in 24 radio stations around the globe! More stop-start jauntiness going on here. 'Cellar Door' has some great production and could be a track you find on one of those old Britpop compilations. A great baseline brings you in to a hanging guitar melody underpinned with a bit of "scratching synth" and a strumming acoustic which leads into some fine soloing from the guitarist with some bongos taking you into the outro. These guys really know how to write a catchy tune, that's for sure.

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