Thursday 28 January 2016

Get Me Free #159: Scary Little Friends - Made Up My Mind

Article by KevW

If the first track from their new EP, 'In This Lifetime', was a hint that San Francisco's Scary Little Friends had their sights set on being more than just some niche indie band that knocks around for a couple of albums before vanishing again, then 'Made Up My Mind' affirms that. The EP, 'Silent Revolution', is released this week, but it's misleading in its title, as any revolution involving this powerpop/rock trio is unlikely to be a quiet one. Earlier this month the band played the Great American Music Hall, a venue that's played host to heavyweights such as The Grateful Dead and Journey. Could these guys ever reach that level?

Of course it's too early to make predictions like that, especially in the current musical landscape, but they're in with a shot at least. 'Made Up My Mind' treads closer to traditional rock music than the independent scene, but it doesn't feel too overblown, instead ranking alongside some of North America's alt-rock heroes. Rather than using power chords or a high tempo to create energy and force, this is brooding and moody with a thunderous, solid beat and it doesn't let up. Gently crunching guitars give the track an edge and it all conspires to make a song that uses less mainstream techniques to forge an all-conquering sound. Don't too surprised if you hear a lot more from these guys.

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