Wednesday 13 January 2016

In Isolation - Elder Statesman (A Tribute to David Bowie 1947​-​2016)

Article by KevW

You won't need telling that there have been thousands of tributes of just about every kind pouring in following the sad news of David Bowie's death this week. We touched upon his influence on the music world in our review of his final album '★ (Blackstar)', but to really understand the impact he had on the sounds we hear today would take a weighty tome rather than a few hundred words. There have been musical tributes already, with many artists covering his songs at their gigs, and there will likely be many new songs written in the coming weeks and months.

If you're thinking that Nottingham post-punks In Isolation have been quick off the mark, then it should be pointed out that 'Elder Statesman' was written and recorded before the Starman left us and was already planned for inclusion on their debut album in March, but it's fitting to reveal it to the public now. "He redefines our taste in Pretty Things he throws our way... an Elder Statesman stole it; all the Martians love a Dame." In Isolation may not have known that the end was so near when they wrote these words, but that only serves to make this song all the more poignant: a surging, stomping ode to an (at the time) living legend who helped shape In Isolation's music along with countless others.

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