Tuesday 19 January 2016

Get Me Free #152: Luxley - Camera Lens

Article by KevW

When you think of New Orleans you might think of its famed music scene, but that doesn't generally bring to mind indie-dance that's heavily influenced by the synth-pop that was emanating from the British Isles back in the 1980s. Luxley obviously likes to do things a little differently, and Ryan Gray's latest single under this name is more a hectic rush than anything Big and Easy, but every city will have a multitude of genres being made, so it's perhaps not that surprising after all.

Taken from his forthcoming EP 'Spirit' which is due out soon, 'Camera Lens' is full of retro synth stabs, a bassline that could be taken straight from the new romantic scene, as well as the stylings of more modern crossover acts like Hot Chip or The Rapture. There's a chorus that's pretty huge and a surging energy that comes across as being as refreshing as having a bucket of cold water thrown over your head. Above all, 'Camera Lens' is a pop song, but one that takes a road-trip through the world of rock and electronica with its foot to the floor.

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