Sunday 31 January 2016

Basia Bulat - Fool

Article by KevW

Toronto's Basia Bulat has steadily built her fanbase since her debut release in 2007, stealthily becoming a star of the alternative music world. The star looks set to continue rising with the release of new album 'GOOD ADVICE' on February 12th. Shes shared stages with the likes of St. Vincent, Arcade Fire and Sufjan Stevens, and maybe it's time she was mentioned in the same breath as them too. If you were to make an amalgamation of the music that those three artists create, then you might just end up with something that sounds like new single 'Fool'.

Bulat's powerful vocals are a strong focal point as ever, bringing to mind a country-flecked Florence and the Machine, and a similarly accessible alt-pop style is what we get musically. With hints of indie, soul and folk also thrown into the mix, it's not hard to imagine this song becoming a crossover hit. This is rich and quirky though, creating its own world rather than simply borrowing from others, and the break in the middle shows a deftness and lets us know that Basia Bulat has subtlety to go with the sometimes commanding style. Really, this deserves to be big.

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