Thursday 21 January 2016

Daddy - Lime Green Dress

Article by KevW

With the excellent 'You Are Mine' single, Daddy, the duo comprising of James Franco and Tim O'Keefe, gave us the first glimpse of what to expect from their debut album 'Let Me Get What I Want'. The release will be accompanied by a film of the same name, so they've really got the creative juices flowing, and have now announced the release date as the 18th of March. While the outcome of the visual aspect remains to be seen, it's looking increasingly like they've nailed the music.

Along with the announcement of the release date came a new song, 'Lime Green Dress', which the pair say was inspired by '80s new-wave and indie bands like The Smiths, but they wanted to give it their own twist. They've certainly done that, as 'Lime Green Dress' is closer to the ethereal sounds of shoegaze and dreampop, and is really quite gorgeous. Much like 'You Are Mine', the vocals are understated, and this fits perfectly with the hazy and atmospheric music. Notably, there is a cinematic feel to this song, and you can easily see this working well with a video. It's all shaping up rather well.

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