Wednesday 13 January 2016

Trick Mist - Your Brass Angel (Gap Series Video 3)

Article by KevW

For his latest EP 'Jars In Row', Manchester-based musician Trick Mist has invited film makers to give their own visual interpretation of each song, entirely free from his input. It's great way of collaborating that allows the kind of artistic freedom that can often be lacking in not just the music world, but culture in general. The last in this set was the abstract and fuzzy video to 'Tummy Speak' which we premiered back in December. It's Graham Patterson who produced the simple and surreal accompaniment to 'Your Brass Angel', an experimental, almost minimal hybrid of dark, simmering electro-pop and baroque indie.

As Trick Mist explains, this song "explores value systems. In 2015 varying codes of conscience were floating around the place with the general election in the UK and the marriage equality referendum in Ireland. Although the song acknowledges a certain 'us' and 'them' division and resides within an assured angry perspective, it ultimately strives to question whether disparate values share common ground." Graham then imagined this as "multiple mouths representing all these various voices and opinions. When you see that they are in fact the same mouth, it reveals the commonalities that each voice holds." The plain, stark background on which the ongoing stream of mouths is placed matches the somewhat bleak aura of the song, and turns out to be particularly effective.

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