Monday 25 January 2016

Crosa Rosa - Little Leper

Article by KevW

From blogland to the BBC, 2015 was a year of hype for Nottingham's Crosa Rosa, and landed them a well received slot a Reading and Leeds. EP 'Pantophobia' also lived up to expectations, and it's from that release that 'Little Leper' is taken. With a trippy video made up from grainy retro footage that's both psychedelic and a little freaky, they certainly do appear to be the complete package, and it's perhaps surprising that they're not better known than they are.

Taking '60s garage and psychedelia and fusing them with '90s grunge and fuzz-rock, 'Little Leper' sees Crosa Rosa at their most instant and accessible and it's no wonder they've been likened to seminal bands from the early '90s in that respect. Warped effects and crisp vocals are placed on top of guitars that switch from psych wavering to scuzzy blasts. It's a song that captures the very essence of several genres that have seen a revival of late. Wrapped up into a neat package like this they're irresistible.

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