Wednesday 27 January 2016

Get Me Free #158: Thom Byles - In Your Blood

Article by KevW

Whether it's near record snow in parts of the US, plunging temperatures in the Far East or torrential rain sweeping across the UK, a large proportion of the northern hemisphere has been bearing the brunt of the weather that January's brought. The wintry vista that serves as the artwork for this latest track by Thom Byles seems particularly fitting, and also shows a very calming side of this season. Likewise does the music, as 'In Your 'Blood' feels made for this time of year and is the aural equivalent of wrapping yourself in a blanket and snuggling up beside a log fire.

With a tender voice and softly plucked guitar, 'In Your Blood' appears to channel early Fleet Foxes in the way it taps into folk and country but applies more modern songcraft and Laurel Canyon vibes. As the beat arrives thing pick up, bringing to mind some of Junip's work. The production is warming and gives the song room to breath rather than smothering it or overdoing things. A gentle echo is all that's needed and means that 'In Your Blood' retains and intimate and pure quality. A lovely song that brings the magic back to the colder part of the year.

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