Friday 1 January 2016

yndi halda - Golden Threads From The Sun

Article by KevW

Brighton's yndi halda released their debut album in March of 2007, which dates it to before The Sound Of Confusion was even a radio show, and means that the follow-up, 'Under Summer', will arrive almost nine years to the day later, on March 4th. It's quite a wait, and the new material will be many people's introduction to a band who received a lot of acclaim for a masterful sound and have toured extensively around the world. Fans who fell in love with their rich, lushly arranged music will surely not have forgotten then though, because they're the kind of group who make sure the songs they create leave a lasting imprint.

The first peak at what they've been up to since they've been away doesn't disappoint. 'Golden Threads From The Sun' is a hybrid of post-rock with more orchestrated sounds, where guitars compliment strings and vocals are layered and wistful. There are no histrionics needed to make this big, it achieves that status thanks to a steady swell of instrumentation that reaches a crescendo before petering out delicately, leaving you wanting more. So it would appear that yndi halda have lost none of their magic over the years, and the new album could be on its way to gaining the kind of plaudits that its predecessor did.

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