Thursday 21 January 2016

Almunia - Nisida Shores

Article by KevW

Wasn't there a footballer called Almunia? This isn't him anyway, and the musical duo in question are from Tuscany rather than Spain, but new single 'Nisida Shores' does have a Balearic edge to it. Leonardo Ceccanti and Gianluca Salvador joined forces about five years ago on a quest to mix ambient, Mediterranean beats with psychedelia, blues and other forms of electronica, after fifteen years of performing individually. Their latest track will bring the subtle flavours of woozy summer sun to perk up the dark days of winter.

Gentle, pulsing electronic beats commingle with bluesy guitar twangs are bring about a vibe that's like krautrock after a few Valium. It's hypnotic, atmospheric and chilled. The song does gradually gather pace, but never too much so that it always remains in a fuzzy dreamland. Tones of retro electronica, '90s dance music and more recent chillwave are all to be found and are set in widescreen production so that 'Nisida Shores' feels expansive, unhurried and warm. A very welcome deviation from the wind, rain and snow.

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'Nisida Shores' will be available from Bad Panda Records.

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