Sunday 24 January 2016

Get Me Free #157: A Beacon School - Ashes As Intro

Article by Tony Young

After their charming and engaging 2012 self-titled EP, there's been a disparity of new music from A Beacon School to say the least. Nonetheless, it's made for an exciting week finding 'Follow (demo)' on the band's SoundCloud only to followed up by 'Ashes as Intro' the next day. Here's hoping the EP or LP is set to drop sometime in 2016!

A Beacon School is from New York City and are in the thick of that dreamy, hazy guitar-driven alternative rock (you know, like DIIV or Real Estate). It doesn't quite bite, but it's guitar-driven and the dry vocals might even remind you of Alex Trimble on Tourist History when they come through. 'Ashes as Intro' fades in softly and lures you in as the guitars cycle through their respective sleepy melodies. They intertwine and take their time moving at a normal breathing pace. By the time the vocals slide in so seamlessly, the layered depth loses you to a sea of thought (it might remind you of the end to Bombay Bicycle Club's 'Magnet'). "Could there be another way to think of all of this / Trying to make it fair".

Keep your eyes peeled for subsequent releases and get their previous EP on their Bandcamp, name-your-price.

A Beacon School's website

Buy: 'Ashes as Intro'.

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