Tuesday 26 January 2016

Get Me Free #157: Bernays Propaganda - Laži me, laži me

Article by KevW

Given that this is sung in a language that's totally alien to me, the vocal essentially becomes another instrument more than anything else (there is an English translation on Bandcamp, but to be honest I'm not really any the wiser...), but that doesn't matter a jot. Macedonia's Bernays Propaganda release their new album 'Politika' via Slovenia's Moonlee Records on March 14, and 'Laži me, laži me' serves as a tasty introduction to the first of the release from them that we've covered since 2013's 'Zabraneta Planeta' album, and it matches anything on that album.

Singing in their native tongue is always going to limit their appeal to a certain extent, but this track could go some way to seeing them broaden their horizons and enjoy similar levels of success abroad as they do at home. A driving new-wave track with plenty of melody and a vocal that's surprisingly addictive, Bernays Propaganda pepper 'Laži me, laži me' with electronics that lurk in the background for the most part, coming to the fore when the vocal breaks and leapfrogging the guitar to become the centre of attention. With hints of krautrock, post-punk and more, this covers a few genres too, all of which act to make it even more appealing.

Download 'Laži me, laži me' for free by heading here

Bernays Propaganda's website

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