Monday 18 January 2016

Violent Femmes - Memory

Article by KevW

It's been over three decades since Violent Femmes released their acclaimed debut album, and over fifteen years since their last studio LP. It was a reformation in 2013 for a live event that was the catalyst for new material to be recorded, and the results will be fully unveiled on March 4th when 'We Can Do Anything' is released. New single 'Memory' will open the album, and is the first chance to hear what's changed in the world of the cult Milwaukee group. The answer is... not very much, and that's both a relief and a compliment.

Despite eight albums thus far, it's maybe still 1983's first offering that's most widely known and celebrated, thanks in part to regular TV and radio play of tracks like 'Blister In The Sun' and 'Gone Daddy Gone' (although 'Good Feeling' remains a personal favourite). Those who are only familiar with those hits will still be able to identify Violent Femmes in an instant by listening to 'Memory'. It has that same semi-acoustic rumble, stripped-back clatter and bracingly youthful vocal, not to mention buzzing energy and neat pop hooks. Really, this is a song that could have been recorded at any point in the past thirty-odd years but, crucially, it could only be by one band, and that's why we love them.

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