Sunday 17 January 2016

PALACES - Glisten & Trip / Still Romantic

Article by KevW

Previous releases by Detroit duo PALACES have touched on the hazy end of shoegaze and psychedelia, all done with the spectre of post-punk not far away. But as they say themselves, the original idea was to explore different sounds and influences. This new double A-side single is a little different to past tracks such as the reverberating 'Heaven' or the Velvets-inspired 'Telephone', but they haven't totally dismissed the hypnotic side of things. 'Glisten & Trip' feels more assured, with a clearer production and sharper sound in general. There's a new-wave vibe and touches of krautrock as well, but all done in a modern way.

They switch things up again on 'Still Romantic' which takes a chugging garage riff and begins to delve into the psychedelic drones of The Brian Jonestown Massacre of even Wooden Shjips reimagined with proper vocals and more melody. It's a scuzzy little number at times, frayed around the edges with a driving beat and frazzled guitar breaks. These two songs are different, but not so much as to feel isolated from each other; they both sound like the work of PALACES, only they show different facets of the band. Not a complete reinvention then, but two stellar tunes that keep things fresh.

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