Sunday 10 January 2016

City Reign - Sympathy

Article by KevW

After just over a year away, City Reign return with a new single and news of a new album, 'Dasein', to be released later this year. The Manchester-based group have reminded us of Idlewild since their early days, and that's still the case with 'Sympathy', both in the vocal similarity and the indie-rock aesthetic, but this song really sees them come into their own with a more streamlined, confident and fully-realised sound than they perhaps had on those early singles and debut album.

This isn't to say that City Reign have suddenly become arena-rock, more that they've taken a step up from where they were before and are marking themselves out as genuine contenders. 'Sympathy' has buckets of potential and if this is indicative of the new album then it could see them getting wider recognition. The production is perfect for the song; just scuzzy enough to avoid being too slick, but clean enough to really get the best out of the band. With a big chorus and a natural fluidity, this is quite possibly their best track to date.

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