Monday 18 January 2016

Shamu - Dive

Article by KevW

With half the alternative/indie world now mixing the traditional sounds of guitar bass and drums with electronics, it can be difficult to find anything that's a bit different. That's not to say that this method can't yield great results - a good tune is a good tune regardless of its construction. Newcastle duo Shamu will release their debut single 'Dive' on January 22nd, and it could most certainly be described as electronic indie, but they have managed to take the format and stamp their own hallmark on it, something which is becoming increasingly rare.

While 'Dive' doesn't exactly break new ground, it also doesn't follow an overly familiar set of rules. So we get dubby beats, slightly mathy guitar and a reasonably complex texture that does just enough without making the song too fiddly. When it comes to the chorus the intensity increases and drums crash and sounds seem to drip from all around. The whole having a good tune part comes easily to Shamu on this evidence, and combined with music that has some originality it's enough to make 'Dive' seem like a breath of fresh air.

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