Friday 22 January 2016

Trudy - Baby I'm Blue

Article by KevW

The third single from trash-pop group Trudy sees them being slightly less trashy but still taking the sounds of '50s pop and twisting them into a modern guitar tune. Previous single 'Behave' was perhaps a touch more warped and catchy with its glorious twangs and vintage melody, but 'Baby I'm Blue' comes from a similar place. While it may not be as immediate, it's another that will win you over after a few spins thanks to the unique vocal style and scratchy, retro, trebly guitar.

Sitting somewhere around the point where doo-wop meets garage-rock, 'Baby I'm Blue' spans both decades and genres. As it's title suggests, this song is about missing your love (weren't most '50s pop songs?) but the unusual intonation and muffled singing style makes it more odd than emotional, and it's an effect that actually works really well. Eventually building to be as strong as its predecessor, this could be the sound of a band who are gearing up for a very fine debut album. When that will be we don't know, but we're looking forward to it.

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