Sunday 24 January 2016

Frankie Cosmos - Korean Food

Article by KevW

Prolific New Yorker Greta Kline released her latest EP as Frankie Cosmos late last year, and lifted from 'Fit Me In' is 'Korean Food' which is now accompanied by a visuals that Frankie describes as being her version of a pop video: "boat, pool, beach lipstick, alcohol... but my way - camcorder, sunscreen, goggles, hummus". The music could be described as being a lo-fi take on chilled synth-pop with a tropical vibe, and likewise the video is a similarly low-budget version of those expensive and often ridiculous '80s clips that major labels spent a fortune on to secure heavy rotation on MTV.

'Korean Food' has a beat that sounds like the default programming on one of the cheap keyboards we had for school music lessons, and the waves of synth are also nothing that would have musos getting jealous of, but combined they paint a wonderfully woozy and sunny picture that's the perfect backdrop from her wistful and lovelorn sounding vocals. A few chimes and a plodding bassline top off what might be a simple production but is more effective than many plush and grandiose arrangements. 'Korean Food' is a charming and slightly ethereal song with a video to match. It's no wonder Frankie Cosmos continues to reel in great reviews.

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