Tuesday 5 January 2016

TV Baby - Half A Chance

Article by KevW

TV Baby's history goes back a long way. The duo of Matt McAuley and Brian McPeak first began performing in bands in New York before the turn of the millennium, exploring free-jazz (TV Baby's Facebook page still cites their influences as "[John Col]trane, [Thelonious] Monk and [Charlie] 'Bird' [Parker]") and alt-rock before forming acclaimed group A.R.E. Weapons. They've been making records as TV  Baby for a few years now and have their debut album lined up for imminent release on Deus Records, and it's been preceded by the single 'Half A Chance'.

This is a genre-hopping - or possibly defying - song that touches on post-punk but has a backing track that's like a more hectic version of Suicide. Tones of Joy Division and Television are also noticeable, but their own experimental streak runs through the track and gives them identity. 'Half A Chance' could be a dark song that belongs in the dirty downtown streets and only comes out at night, but the sheer energy and incessant ticking beats lift it and offset the shady nature with a strange kind of vitality. Despite all the references, this still sounds innovative, and will hopefully pave the way for a great album.

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