Sunday 24 January 2016

Meilyr Jones - How To Recognise A Work Of Art

Article by KevW

For the easily confused, it should be pointed out that Adele's '25' isn't actually her 25th album, and Taylor Swift's '1989' wasn't actually recorded many years ago. Meilyr Jones' upcoming album '2013' isn't a reissue, but it does chronicle events that happened to him over the course of that year. It's also quite anticipated, and Jones already has some festival slots booked for later in the year. Indications are that any hype will be lived up to, and it's not just current single 'How To Recognise A Work Of Art' that backs that up, because the song it shares a piece of vinyl with, 'All Is Equal In Love', is perhaps even better, so if songs like that can be knocked out as B-sides then the omens are very good.

With a triumphant brass section and an upbeat indiepop stomp that recalls Belle & Sebastian when they dip into northern soul, 'How To Recognise A Work Of Art' is a cracking alt-pop song with some quirky lyrics and hooks that make it stick instantly like velcro. A more maudlin vibe is created for 'All Is Equal In Love' thanks to a string section and vocals that are closer to baritone. It brings to mind latter day Gorky's in the way it takes indie and folk and applies an understated grandeur. These songs show two sides to Meilyr Jones, both of which aren't difficult to fall in love with. There's no confusion when it comes to this music, and while we're no art experts, this release is surely a thing of beauty.

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Catch him live:

Friday 12th February – CARDIFF – From Now On Festival (with Julia Holter)
Tuesday 26th April – LONDON – Moth Club
Saturday 14th May - WREXHAM Focus Wales Festival
Saturday 11th June - LONDON - Field Day

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