Wednesday 6 January 2016

Hamptons - Big Sky

Article by KevW

Their bio appears to claim that London group Hamptons are all related in some way, whether closely or through marriage, yet none of them share surnames, so perhaps they'd just like to be known as a musical family. It also looks as though the four songs they have currently uploaded are set to be released sometime soon on an album called 'Carte Blanche', but even that's not totally clear. Still, a little mystery can go a long way. There's an eclecticism to the music they make too, and as well as 'Big Sky', it's worth taking a look at 'Riot Tonight' which tackles the questionable record of our hapless and out of touch government (mis)handling of the benefits system.

'Big Sky' is dripping with atmosphere that compares to both The Radio Dept. and Grandaddy, and if you can bring to mind either of those bands, let alone both, then you're on to something good. There's something otherworldly about the treated vocal and the dreamy lyrics, and the shuffle of the drums in the background manages to enhance the effect where you'd expect it to perhaps distract from it. Reverb-heavy guitar twangs also play a major part, before the song piles on more layers and gets busier and busier. All of which shows that Hamptons are not only good at writing songs, but that they know how to get the best out of them and make things interesting. We'd happily join their musical family.

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