Sunday 17 January 2016

Get Me Free #150: Steven McNamara - Turn Around

Article by KevW

Steven McNamara previously had success fronting Leeds-based psych quintet Formes, a band who we featured several times on The Sound Of Confusion. Unlike many of the recent psychedelic adventurers, Formes' sound was expansive and spacious, and in retrospect pointed the way towards the clear, open vistas of McNamara's solo work. The remnants of that psychedelic journey remain, but are stirred into the mix with haunting, widescreen dreampop and blues which is slowed right down to result in a concoction that's clean and captivating.

The lingering twangs of guitar bring to mind Mazzy Star, and there's certainly a similar atmosphere; one that's tinged with sadness. The vocals take 'Turn Around' somewhere else though, far from the north of England and into the desert expanses of the American west. There's something very cinematic about this song, and despite the ambiance, it feels incredibly human thanks to the vocal being so bare and free from unnecessary effects. For a few minutes you're whisked away to a different world where all is calm yet a deep contemplation exists, You have to say it's a rather nice place to be.

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