Sunday 4 November 2012

September Girls - Wanting More EP

EP review by KevW

Ah, now it's these kind of sounds that make the world a much better place. Dublin's September Girls' debut cassette release earlier this year sold out at lightning pace. The 'Wanting More' EP is the girls' first international release and their first for the ever reliable Matinee Recordings. These are brain-tinglingly sweet indiepop songs overloaded with gorgeous girl-group melodies and showered with fuzz like the dusting of edible glitter on a batch of cupcakes. It's no surprise they've just landed some support slots with The Cribs, a band known for their love of DIY ethics and great garage-pop songs, they'll surely go down a storm.

The title-track is very reminiscent of The Dum Dum Girls, but before they became quite as polished as they are now and better than they were to begin with. It's pure ear candy and warrants repeat plays, in fact it's difficult not to skip back to the start once this trio of tunes shimmers its way to the end. A little more noise is employed on 'Hells Bells' and those cooing vocals are buried deep within the piercing wall of sound, it's another great pop song that's filtered through shards of glass so that it sparkles but isn't as crystal clear enough to be twee. 'Man Chats' takes this approach a step further, with piles of discord and fiercely echoing drumming, devoid of lyrics aside from some ghostly "oohs" and lashings of organ. This is a truly lovable EP, we're already wanting more.

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