Friday 23 November 2012

The Brooklyn What - Catastrophe Kids

Single review by KevW

Yeah, it's another band from our most featured borough, and they've even included it in their name. The Brooklyn What have a new album called 'Hot Wine' out in the middle of January and 'Catastrophe Kids' is the first single lifted from it. There's a whole lot of people involved in the band and a whole lot of influences too. Less experimental or "indie" than many from that area, these guys prefer to collect their sizable team together and make some good, traditional rock that's grubby behind the ears and probably wears ripped jeans. You could lump them in with Springsteen and that whole scene but they're not quite so refined or polished, and that's no bad thing.

As far as we know, 'Catastrophe Kids' was written (well it must have been) and recorded before the devastation hurricane Sandy brought to the area, a clean-up process that's likely to be fractured and time consuming, but given the spirit we've seen on our screens in the UK, the good people of the east coast are clubbing together and doing a proper good job of getting things back on their feet. The relevance of bringing up the disaster here is because all proceeds from this single go towards the benefit funds. So you can do a good deed and at the same time get some proper US rock 'n' roll while you're at it. So what are you waiting for?

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