Monday 26 November 2012

The Creamier Tones - Frail EP

EP review by KevW

The word "creamy" would probably be quite low down on your list of potential descriptions of the music of David Disher, who has just put out his third release under his The Creamier Tones alias. 'Frail' is billed as a journey from confusion to clarity. Well he's not telling fibs. If you're familiar with The Red Krayola's 'Free Form Freak Outs' then chaotic and discordant opener 'Fractures' might ring a few bells (and your ear drums) and it's followed immediately by 'Painfully Clear' which, possibly ironically, does possess a lot more clarity (as in you could actually call it a song) but it clings on to the previous shards of noise and is a mixture of cutting and tunefulness.

Softer again is 'Feats Of Sleight', a song that drops the pace and is constructed from layers of shimmering synths and twinkles that could happily fall into the dreampop category; that is until the chorus kicks in, like the song as collided with a wall of noise; it's sudden and unexpected but it works. So will we find those creamy sounds on final track 'Crystals Form'. It's an icy title that leaves you expecting lightness and sparkling sounds. Well not really. 'Crystals Form' begins as a picked acoustic track with more and more layers added until it becomes a delicate yet lush cacophony that's done within two minutes. So Nothing smooth then, but some interesting sound collages nonetheless.

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