Sunday 4 November 2012

Bela Tar - Black Mark

Single review by KevW

Bela Tar is another product of Tel Aviv's vibrant alternative music scene and released her first album, 'Pulsar', back in 2010. The alter-ego of Zoe Polanski, Black Tar makes lo-fi pop songs that drift and buzz gently, often consisting of little more than her misty voice and some resonating guitar sounds. As we've said about other acts from Israel, was she based in the UK or US you can bet more people would be taking notice, especially at the moment when the appetite for dreampop, chillwave and similar sounds is at something of a high.

Her new single 'Black Mark' is unbelievably simple but very effective. Consisting of little more than the hum of a guitar and a few more piercing sounds to offset the monotonous drone, the song wanders along with little in the way of direction or variation, yet it's wonderfully blissful. Polanski's voice is hidden away in the mix, you can hear her but not what she's singing, or even what language she's singing it in. It matters not, 'Black Mark' works by way of the classic drone/shoegaze/dreampop trick: using monotony to induce a hypnotic effect, it's a trick she's got down to a tee.

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