Saturday 24 November 2012

Blue Balloon - The Fractured Lullaby Of Holly Jealous

Single review by KevW

More acoustic guitars. We've been trying our damnedest to ignore this type of thing, but really it's only the pretenders that are ruining it for everyone. Those student, weekend folkies you get at music festivals, it's them that give this type of thing a bad name. This debut album by Robert Rosrison was several years in the making apparently, but that's for him to worry about! We just get to check out his music without going through the blood sweat and tears that were involved in its production. Such is life. As Blue Balloon he released his first offering 'Hearts Are Pretty Heavy' earlier this year, and is now giving it an extra end-of-year plug with the beautifully simple single 'The Fractured Lullaby Of Holly Jealous.

No accordions or mandolins or any of that bollocks, this track is pure, tender voice a carefully picked guitar, given an extra punch towards the end with the addition of a beat to pick it up and hoist it from the floor of self-pity. Not that it's all "woe-is-me" or anything like that, but it is mildly introspective and thoughtful, with care taken over the lyrics to tell their story in a manner that's far less obvious and cliched than, say, this review. It's a gorgeous little song with an interesting video, and if you're wondering what to get the acoustic guitar lover in your life for Christmas, there are still a few copies of the special edition left.

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