Sunday 18 November 2012

Wild Swim - Bright Eyes

Single review by KevW

Just a few weeks back we brought you the title-track from the debut EP by Oxford collective Wild Swim, and as the release date approaches (November 25th) they've unveiled a second track, 'Bright Eyes'. There seems to have been something of a musical revolution of sorts happening in Oxford, either that or the city's underground musicians have been keeping themselves, well, underground. Of all the exciting prospects being thrown up, Wild Swim are proving to be one of the more interesting, having both an identity and a fistful of tunes that match their ambition.

'Bright Eyes' most definitely doesn't pander to routine, beginning as a dubby mood piece, like dreampop and trip-hop rubbing shoulders and creating some static energy. It's an energy that's allowed to develop as the song progresses, pausing for thought before switching to some more barren beats and a starker mood, then adding the lushness that you always felt was lurking just below the surface. "We are fortunate, fortunate and good enough" run the vocals. You have to agree, they are good enough and their timing couldn't be better, with sparse new ambient doors being opened by the likes of The xx there's every chance of Wild Swim going the distance.

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