Sunday 11 November 2012

The Raveonettes - Curse The Night

Single review by KevW

Yes we may sound like a broken record by detailing every single release by The Raveonettes (who are the Danish royal family as far as we're concerned) but recent album 'Observator' wasn't quite as immediate as some of their previous records. With the benefit of time it turns out that our first impressions failed to praise the record quite as much as was deserved. Each song is sounding better and better with each and every listen. Quite why they've bypassed the awesome 'Downtown' as a single is frankly baffling, but when you've made an album of such splendid, retro, shining diamonds as they have then they can do what the hell they like and we'll happily lap it up.

So here's new single 'Curse The Night', fairly run-of-the-mill by their standards, but still better than most bands achieve in an entire career. With a constant, unchanging beat, it has the repetition to cast a spell but the melodies to make that spell a magical one. The duo are known for chronicling the darker and less pleasant aspects of life, and true to form this crunching and downbeat track details the pains of heartbreak and murder. Naturally is does so in a cocoon of fuzz, twangy guitars and irresistible boy/girl vocals. The song may talk about "the end" but you can be reasonably sure it won't be long until The Raveonettes return to capture our hearts once again.

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