Tuesday 27 November 2012

Lizzy and The Yes Men - Deserts

Single review by KevW

OK this starts off sounding like The Raveonettes so it's getting a thumbs up already. But moving on from the surfy, twangy guitars of the intro and the nocturnal atmosphere they create, you find that Lizzie and The Yes Men aren't trying to rip off our favourite Danes. They head in a more pop direction, although it's a hundred miles away from the chart pop of today. You'd maybe be better using The Pretenders or Blondie for comparison purposes. 'Deserts' is one of those songs with a timeless feel and could have been written at just about any point in the last thirty-odd years. However, as we've said about many songs before; it couldn't pass for an original thanks to the (slightly) more modern production.

Lizzie's voice is rich and warm and you can bet that live those gorgeous tones would be something to behold. 'Deserts' doesn't stray far from the classic pop/rock single format but those guitars and jangling chorus bring with them an added appeal and finding fault with this track is nearly impossible. That's not to say it's the greatest song ever, or even of this year, it's simply that there's little that could be added or taken away that would improve it. It's nearly time for lists of bands to keep an eye on for 2013. I think we can safely add Lizzie and The Yes Men to that category.

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