Saturday 17 November 2012

Band To Check Out: Inspired & The Sleep

Article by KevW

It's not 100% clear just what San Diego's Inspired & The Sleep actually are or where they're headed. Currently a lo-fi psych-pop project that gravitates around the talents of Max Greenhalgh (AKA the Eyelid Kid) with, we think, a revolving door of friends and helpers that have come together to create the project's first album, 'Teenager', a record Max planned, and succeeded in completing shortly before his 20th birthday. The album is available as free MP3s on SoundCloud or if you prefer lossless formats they can be bought from Bandcamp, well, we say bought, it looks like you can buy the whole album for $1, now that's gotta be a bargain worth taking a chance on.

Particularly as 'Teenager' is a really quite likable album. It's not following trends and isn't afraid of throwing around some unusual sounds and seeing where it takes them. As for Inspired & The Sleep themselves/himself, the next step isn't totally clear, although more music looks to be on the horizon in some shape or form. We've picked a couple of tracks from the album for your listening/downloading pleasure but it's worth checking out the whole thing as it's mightily consistent and throws up a few quirky ideas and sounds. Plus it's a total bargain, so what have you got to lose?

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