Friday 16 November 2012

Ghost Of Chance - Paddle Boat EP

EP review by KevW

We've had post-punk, post-rock, post-dubstep, post just about everything, although I think this is the first case I know of where a band have described themselves as "post-garage". Just a few weeks ago we featured a free track from Connecticut band Ghost Of Chance, opting for the term "lo-fi garage-rock". But if they prefer post-garage then so be it; the list of genres is frankly ridiculous, confusing, unnecessary and mainly a pretentious load of old cobblers. Anyway, this week sees the release of their full 'Paddle Boat' EP which not only includes the aforementioned freebie ('Mexico City') but another trio of lo... um post-garage tunes of very fine quality.

There's a classic sound to 'Wooden Tambourine' that doesn't sound particularly post-anything, except perhaps post-letting-the-singer-near-the-mic. Like their brilliantly clattering sound in general, the vocals are seemingly recorded at the end of a very long corridor, with a microphone possibly at the other end, or maybe even at another studio. It works, mind, and the distant, echo fits the songs nicely, adding a tinny quality which will appeal to lo-fi fans, as well as (presumably) fans of the post-lo-fi genre that I've just made up. 'Stormageddon' (who do they think they are, Nostradamus?) sounds even more distant. All four songs are a beautiful racket though, regardless of whatever posts are involved.

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