Sunday 18 November 2012

Ross Fish - Young and Naive

Single review by KevW

The game plan for US musician Ross Fish is to create experimental and electronic music while retaining a melodic and poppy heart; to be innovative and unique but accessible at the same time. Writing, recording and producing everything himself gives him free rein over everything he creates musically, although the video was directed by filmmaker Noah Conrath. 'Young and Naive' is taken from Ross' new self-titled EP and his description of the means he wished to create his music almost perfectly matches the end project. So the boy done good.

There are some unusual and unspecified sound effects, a beat that sounds decidedly homemade, possibly as simple as slapping your thighs. And then there's bundles of melody here too, and an addictive whistling section which for now is great, but let's just hope is doesn't go the way of Noah & The Whale or Peter Bjorn & John. However this song was actually created, it has the feel of innovation, or sounds that don't come from conventional instruments. So somewhere along the line his trial and error approach to noise has worked wonders, and having a catchy tune to set them to is always a good move. For Ross Fish, 'Young and Naive' is mission accomplished.

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