Tuesday 13 November 2012

Lovegrenade - Precondition

Album review by KevW

Since we cautiously opened the floodgates a few months ago, a sizable portion of Israel's underground music scene has come pouring through. And you know what? It's pretty darn exciting hearing all these great bands that are largely unknown in "the west". Lovegrenade have provided us with no information at all besides a Bandcamp page with 2 albums streaming on it and the message that they've recently finished new record 'Precondition' to "fill the gaps between [our] ears". From what we gather by listening to 'Precondition', Lovegrenade don't really care much for gaps of any kind. Besides the odd pause between tracks, the music on this album is a constant barrage of red-raw garage rock.

They don't simply play these songs, they attack them headlong without a thought for the well-being of their ears, instruments, studio and probably their physical health. It's not the type of music you politely applaud at gigs, you dive into the furious punk mosh-pit and hope you come out the other side, if not totally unscathed then at least with the ability to walk/crawl. Lovegrenade is as much about spirit as music, and that spirit is what drove the birth of punk in the early 70s through to its explosion a few years later and then the hardcore scene of the 80s, although it's the punk and garage of the 70s that is most closely recreated here.

The opening bombardment of 'The Common Hope', 'Biblical Timezone', 'Precondition' and 'Surfin' Shoegazer' barely gives you the chance to pause for breath, but the pace is, well not exactly slowed, but maybe slightly less hectic on 'Happiness' and 'A Coconut Full Of Shells', but it's not long before the likelihood of breaking strings returns in anarchic fashion. 'Precondition' might not be the most original of concepts, although that doesn't lessen its impact. These guys are aiming for riotous rock 'n' roll chaos, and that's exactly what they achieve. Earplugs are recommended for those of a nervous disposition.

Stream or download 'Precondition' free from Lovegrenade's Bandcamp page

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