Monday 12 November 2012

Plum - Smile

Single review by KevW

The last time we heard from Edinburgh songstress Plum was back in April when she released 'The Seed' which was a concept album about the planting of a seed, through its growth and into fruition. As we said back then, those with an aversion to hippies and tree-huggers needn't have worried, it was nothing like as happy-clappy or patchouli-scented as the idea may have suggested. No, Shona Maguire deals more with very modern experimental pop, more in tune with Scandinavian innovators such as Niki & The Dove or others who are heroically trying to shove the stale, soulless, reality TV pop music from the upper echelons of the chart. Unlike Little Boots, La Roux or others who have successfully made inroads into the auto-tuned world of ringtone pop, Plum's music is just too left-field to have a realistic chance at making her a star.

That said, as the public (ten years too late) finally seem to be getting to grips with the bass culture that's gone from underground secret, to music press hype, to Skrillax-type overkill, it could be that Plum's unique take on bass-heavy, dark-pop sound-twisting could be coming to the fore at just the right time. New single 'Smile' most certainly sounds like a piece of perfect, Zeitgeist-defining modern electro-pop, but whether the lack of an overly catchy hook or her determination to keep the underground appeal to the music instead of adapting it for easier public consumption will prevent any genuine chance of making her a star outside of specialist circles remains to be seen. You'd hope that with artists like Plum around, that eventually people will come to their senses. We've got our fingers crossed.

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